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The Power of Disconnecting

How many times have you been told to shut down your brain? To disconnect for a while? To step away from the computer or look up from your phone? To be present?

We live in such a fast-paced world that the thought of stopping, even just for a few minutes, is scary to many. With the evolution of the internet and the connectedness of all activities you experience through social media, disconnecting could be more of a pain than a gift. But when you finally disconnect, can you feel the peace flowing through your body? When we think about disconnecting, the idea of getting outside our day to day routines, sitting back and enjoying nature, our surroundings and allowing our mind is what we see.

But maybe it’s time to repurpose the word “disconnecting” and look at the benefits it can provide for us. When you let go, shut down, disconnect, you will experience the greatest level of connectedness with ‘self’ that you have ever experienced before. To feel the power of connectedness you need to understand the power of disconnecting and the benefits it provides.

Life is Happening Right before You

The nature of life remains the same, though our world may be changing. Life at its best, is happening right in front of you, the experiences, the conversations will never repeat them self. The true authentic reality of life could miss you while you stare at your screen and if you never use those vacation days.


Solitude is much more difficult to come by in this always-connected world. Solitude forces our minds to focus and listen to the world around us. It provides the stillness and quiet required to evaluate our lives and reflect on the message in our hearts. In a world where outside noise is coming quicker and louder than ever, the need for solitude becomes more apparent and easier to overlook.

Combats the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Scientifically speaking, the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) has been recognized as a recently emerging psychological disorder brought on by the advance of technology. The premise is simple. Our social media streams are ever-filled with everything happening all around us. Nowadays, we even see the plates of food our friends are enjoying. And within this constant stream of notification, our fear of being left out continues to grow. Turning off social media and finding contentment in our present space is a welcome skill.

Disconnecting has the power to rejuvenate, realign and recenter your life and mind. But many miss out on the peace that comes out of this as a result of the worlds connectedness. Take time today to disconnect and feel the benefits of such.

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