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Health and Wellness

Maintaining a positive mind, a positive vibe and a positive life are essential benefits of touring different parts of the world. If you are a world wanderer visiting Dominica any time soon, the scope of health and wellness activities the island has for you to indulge in are unending. There is a whole new world of peace when you dive into the spas of relaxation that the Nature Island has to offer. Provided you are in search of activities to benefit your health this vacation season, a start is booking a sea-side hotel. There is an attribute possessed by sea-side hotels that calms your soul and provides an environment for unsurmountable peace.

To kickstart your relaxation trek, the Anchorage Hotel has a room just for you:

Home for the next few days: Anchorage Hotel and Dive Center

Perched on the edge of the Caribbean Sea, this hotel is perfect for just about any traveler - from adventurers, tranquil vacationers or those simply for relaxing after a work trip. From the ocean front rooms, to room service and organized tours inclusive of whale watching, the Anchorage Hotel and Dive Center is ready to give your crew the vacation of their lifetime.

Your first Adventure: Bongo baths, Wotten Waven

With a whopping 5/5 rating on trip advisor, Bongo Baths at Wotten Waven in the nature isle lives up to its ratings providing just the right amount of mud that hikers and adventurers need to relax. Its true, sometimes mud is all the body needs to rejuvenate. A little way’s inland from Roseau and enveloped by tropical forest is the tiny village of Wotten Waven. Popular with Dominicans and travelers alike, Wotten Waven is well-known for its natural hot sulfur springs and mud pools that are believed to have medicinal qualities. That’s right, Bongo Baths like many mud pools offer a relaxing and reviving experience. What better way to soothe sore muscles after a long day of hiking than stepping into the springs naturally muddy waters. Wotten Waven is home to many of Dominica’s most treasured gifts.

Stop 3: Nature’s Caress

With a declaration of love about the vessel for health and wellness, Nature’s Caress promises to calm, warm and rejuvenate your body with massages, essential oils and products made by the spa with you in mind. Described constantly as the most rejuvenating experience by satisfied vacationers, Nature’s Caress stands as the only local company producing a combination of products to satisfy the senses. This is the spa where you see, hear, smell, taste, feel nature with our soaps, lotions, scrubs, balms, bath salts, candles and other products. Located at 8 Castle Street in Roseau, every treatment from facials to full body massages are offered.

What benefits your health? What rejuvenates you? The nature island’s offer of relaxation through these calming locations and treasured experiences have renewed both locals and vacationers seeking solace. We hope to see you soon for a health check at Bongo Baths or any of Dominica’s treasured offerings! #dominicatours #health #wellness

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