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Dominica Tours promotes and actively demonstrates Corporate Social Responsibility through its support of AYAHORA Communities of Excellence (ACE) Foundation Inc.

The Ayahora (1) Communities of Excellence (ACE) Foundation Inc., is a registered non-profit organisation that seeks to promote and inculcate sustainable development principles and practices through the delivery and support of quality environmentally-sensitive, culturally-relevant educational programmes and initiatives. 

To accomplish this vision, the Ayahora Foundation will partner with Dominica Tours, WILDDominique, Global Resilience Systems, the Kalinago Institute for Global Resilience & Regeneration, the new WAIKADA, Aywasi Kalinago Retreat and with other relevant persons and agencies to develop centres, institutions and projects, focused on the specific key sectors within a holistic education framework: leadership and entrepreneurship, creativity & innovation, science and technology, resilience and regeneration, sports and well-being.


The main educational project that we are presently working on is the development of a model "green" Inspirational Leadership Institute (ILI).  We are collaborating with the founding team of the Montessori Centre of Dominica (2), incorporated in 1996, and with the Rothesay Netherwood School’s (RNS) «Schools for Schools” project in New Brunswick, Canada to develop our first Inspirational Leadership Institute, designed to house a day-time Montessori pre-primary school to serve the children in and around the Kalinago Territory, which will also function as a Centre for adult skills training in the evening.  The “Schools for Schools” project of RNS was the brain child of a bright and generous-hearted young RNS Grade 10 student, who mobilized teams of volunteer Canadian students, teachers, architects and engineers, moved to action by the devastation we suffered in Dominica from hurricane Maria, and will be donating and shipping a starter classroom/«school in a can» with all equipment and materials for 35 pre-primary students. 


The Ayahora Foundation will work towards delivering a variety of programmes, including early childhood and primary level education; adult literacy and skills training, as well as building leadership to help maintain and sustain the programmes. The Foundation is presently working with local, regional and international partners to build on existing initiatives, as well as to research and promote emerging educational opportunities.

The Ayahora Foundation is currently exploring a partnership with an established indigenous Child and Family Services centre as well as with a Montessori School in Ontario, Canada where it is anticipated that our Kalinago teachers will learn indigenous community building skills and benefit from Montessori teacher training in Canada, to fulfill their practical training requirements. With our new COVID-19 reality, and global economic downturn, this travel-related component and other aspects of our strategy are being reviewed, as we have experienced some delays, but remain committed to realizing our goals.

It is anticipated that the "green" institute will be completely off grid and aims to be self-sufficient in line with Dominica’s new focus to build back better and in a more resilient manner... to be the world's first climate resilient country.  A central theme of the institute will be the development of an efficient organic school Garden, where the children will learn to grow what they eat and eat what they grow, with direct links to the school’s market stands and other potential suppliers to provide additional ongoing revenue streams. 


The first Inspirational Leadership Institute is to be built on a designated site which was donated by the Kalinago Council, and located in the indigenous Kalinago Territory, a community requiring critical socio-economic developmental support and opportunities.  To complete this project, we are currently working on mobilizing resources and seeking additional funds to cover costs related to the engineering support for the foundation, waterworks/bathrooms, sewerage,  organic garden and landscaping works, as well as for the recruitment and on-line and face-to-face training of prospective Montessori teachers, and additional team members. 


We are committed to providing affordable, world-class education and training.  This we will accomplish, as we have successfully done in the past through the Montessori Centre of Dominica, through our ongoing quality sustainable tourism development work in the Kalinago Territory and across the region, with our overarching vision of contributing to the responsible development of our indigenous community, island, region, global village. 


For more information, kindly contact:

Ms Yvonne Armour

Founder/Chair, Ayahora Communities of Excellence (ACE) Foundation Inc.

P.O. Box 34, Roseau

Commonwealth of DOMINICA

Eastern Caribbean

Cell/Chair: 1-767-277.1778




Ms Yvonne Armour, Founder/Chair, Montessori Educator, Sustainable Tourism Development

  Specialist/Hotelier/seasoned Tourism Operator/Regional Master Trainer; Canada/Dominica

Ms Vincia Auguiste, Kalinago Lawyer/Registrar of Lands; Dominica (Cell.: 1-767-225.9479)

Mrs. Juliette Fadelle, Entrepreneur/Former Head of Planning; Dominica

Ms Jeanelle Brisbane, Environmental Scientist/Founder of WildDominique; Dominica


Honorary Directors:

Mr. Kimani Lapps, Postgrad Student re development/entrepreneurial studies; Canada (from Salybia, Kalinago Territory)

Mrs. Beverly Blatcher Lawrence, Accounts Director; London, England, UK

Ms Nadira Lando, Kalinago Lawyer/State Attorney; Dominica



Ms Christie Auguiste, Student; Valedictorian of Class 2020 Orion Academy; Former CTO Junior Minister of Tourism, Dominica




(1) “Ayahora” - the Kalinago word for “Thanksgiving”

(2) The Montessori Centre of Dominica, incorporated on 18th November 1996, a pioneering educational institution focused on providing quality environmentally-sensitive education to preschool and primary school children in the Commonwealth of Dominica, as well as teacher training, using the Montessori method of education.