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Dominica Tours actively supports the Ayahora (1) Communities of Excellence (ACE) Foundation Inc.,, a registered non-profit organization as of 06 June 2018,.  Ayahora promotes and inculcates sustainable development principles and practices rooted in indigenous wisdom and 7 Generation knowledge, through the delivery and support of quality environmentally-sensitive, culturally-relevant pre-primary and adult educational programmes and initiatives, focused on Dominica’s indigenous Kalinago communities.

To view the highlights of initiatives that Ayahora ACE Foundation and by extension its Directors have been engaged in to-date please follow the link to Ayahora's LinkedIn Page.

Download AYAHORA ACE FOUNDATION Overview & Highlights of our Community Empowerment work Jan2023 

The Kalinago Joy Event

Ayahora ACE Foundation continues to deliver sustainable development-focused programmes, aimed at boosting Kalinago pride, building leadership and contributing to community empowerment.   To help sustain and innovate its programmes, Dominica Tours DMC and Conscious Caribbean Connections provide in-kind support and donate a % of their profit annually to Ayahora ACE Foundation.

For more information and/or to support our work, kindly contact:


Ayahora Communities of Excellence (ACE) Foundation Inc.

Cell: 1-767-277.1778; Email:

Follow Ayahora's LinkedIn Page



(*"Ayahora" = "Give thanks" in indigenous Kalinago language) 

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